Artist Statement

Megan Frances is interested in symbolically portraying humanity’s imprint on the natural world. The paintings in her current body of work, Landscape Revisited, are neither traditional nor abstracted landscapes. While their subjects are primarily abstract, the paintings also incorporate thematic representational elements. Stylized leaves, plant forms and allusions to landscape reference nature and the environment. Compositional interventions, the works are painted on found textile featuring reproductions of vintage floral and leaf patterns, which Frances uses as a ground instead of canvas. As if in dialogue, the artist’s hard edge painted elements contrast with the printed motifs already present in the background. Many of these textiles feature sub-tropical flowers and foliage, referring to the artist’s formative years when she lived in the Bahamas. As such, Landscape Revisited connotes lost pristine landscapes with profound personal significance to the artist. 

Composition and integrity of line are paramount concerns in her work. The imagery is drawn and painted freehand with graphite pencil and paintbrush, gauging spacing by sight rather than relying on measuring tools. Forgoing symmetry, Frances seeks to create a sense of balance with a degree of unpredictability. Once she constructs a motif, she gradually deconstructs it until it becomes unrecognizable. She employs a nuanced two-dimensional effect, building on multiple layers and finishing with a smooth patina.

Surrealism, hard edge painting and geometric abstraction inform her approach. Born in Canada, Frances attended art school in Canada and France. 

 © 2019 Megan Frances

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