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Artist Statement

Megan Frances is a Los Angeles based painter who symbolically portrays humanity’s imprint on the natural world. Inspired by her formative years when she lived in the Bahamas, her paintings pay homage to lost or threatened settings like the lush rainforests of the subtropics. 


Populating the found printed textile Frances uses in lieu of canvas as a ground for much of her recent work, recurring features of exotic flora and foliage reflect a reverence for nature. In her current series of formal compositional interventions, the artist's hardedge curvilinear painted elements are superimposed on top of the botanical motifs in the background, interacting with them variously in harmony or in contrast. Through the push and pull of this orchestrated visual dialog, Frances extols the fragility and beauty of nature, striving to preserve it, if only in two dimensions. 


“I seek to create an aura of beauty, harmony of color, precision of form and a sense of balance, disrupted by flickers of the unexpected contrived to entice the viewer to linger, and take nothing for granted.” Born in Canada, Frances attended art school in Canada and France.

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